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Brahman is life. Brahman is joy. Brahman is the Void ...
Joy, verily, that is the same as the Void.
The Void, verily, that is the same as joy.
-- Chandogya Upanishad
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-- Old Apache saying
1find ('fInd), v.
Middle English, from Old English findan; akin to Old High German findan to find,
Latin pont-, pons bridge, Greek pontos sea, Sanskrit patha way, course
2 a : to come upon by searching or effort <must find a suitable person for the job>
b : to discover by study or experiment <find an answer>
c : to obtain by effort or management <find the time to study>
d : ATTAIN, REACH <the bullet found its mark>
-- Merriam-Webster Dictionary
HTTP/1.0 404 "Object does not exist."
-- Jean Paul Sartre (1945)